Charcoal BBQ made easy

If you’re going for the best taste,

Charcoal is the way to go.

Charcoal BBQs are well known for that delicious BBQ flavour.

For most barbecue lovers, the smoky meat flavour is a delicacy that can only be produced using charcoal barbecue grills.

Mediterranean Barbecues make charcoal grilling really easy


The charcoal starter

Electric starter

electric starter

Lighting the charcoal is usually the most time consuming part of the whole charcoal grill experience… well, no more

With the electric starter that comes with all the Mediterranean Barbecues, lighting the charcoal is as easy as turning on a switch.

This is a separate piece, that’s only used to light the charcoal and then is simply removed, no hassle.

Easy to use

Just place the electric starter in the bottom of the grill, cover it with a small pile of charcoal and turn it on.

The electric starter will warm until it gets red, it ignites the charcoal.

After the charcoal is red and beginning to spark, simply remove the starter, and spread the charcoal evenly in the grill. If you need more charcoal, just place it over the already burning charcoal and it will ignite itself.

Fast charcoal ignition

Lighting the charcoal with the electric starter takes just 5minutes, and needs no intervention.

Start cooking in just 5 minutes


“Mediterranean Barbecues make charcoal grilling really easy”

The grill

Full stainless steel built

The whole grill is made of stainless steel 304 grade

Every single part of the grill is made to last and endure intensive use, harsh weather conditions, and resist rust.
Truly a professional grade grill, as it is the same model chosen by many grill restaurants.

electric starter

Large cooking area

With a 320in2 cooking area, there’s so much room that you can even have separate cooking areas.


The rectangular grill surface ensures the every square inch is usable.

Practical 3 piece design

As in many other things, simple is better

It means it’s a sturdier grill, it’s easy to assemble and store, and has no moving parts or complicated mechanisms to maintain or care for. Simple put: it’s a tough grill.


Main body
Drawer for collecting ashes
Cooking grill

4 cooking heights

Use the 4 cooking heights to control the temperature of the grilling.
You can also cook in 2 or more heights at the same time (ex. Meat and vegetables)


Easy cleaning

The flat surfaces and straight lines make cleaning this grill a breeze.


There are no areas with difficult access, and the whole grill can be cleaned in seconds.