Advantages of Brick Barbecues

These brick barbecues are the traditional way of grilling all around the Mediterranean.

They are insanely popular, and here’s why:


Great looks!

European rustic style in your backyard

These traditional brick barbecues can be found in every mediterranean backyard, from the islands of Greece, to the beaches of Spain and Portugal.


They combine a beautiful rustic style with a simple but elegant shape, perfected along centuries to deliver the best charcoal grilling experience.


Extremely durable

Made for a lifetime of grilling”

All in refractory materials

The whole Mediterranean Barbecue is made of refractory bricks and cement.

These are the materials used to build high temperature ovens and withstand long years of constant use (and abuse).


Reinforced with iron rods and cement

Inside the brick construction there’s a filling of refractory cement and iron rods to ensure extra durability and sturdiness.

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Weather resistant

Just let it sit outside, no problem.

Simply put: bricks don’t rust!

One of the great advantages of the Mediterranean Barbecue is that it can endure the elements like no other.


Never worry again about:


1386745150_sun-symbol Heat
1386745164_rain Rain
1386745276_snow-2 Snow
1386745195_temperature Cold

The Mediterranean Barbecue will just sit outside, in perfect condition and ready-to-go whenever you wish to start cooking.

“The Mediterranean Barbecue is so resistant it might even outlive your house”


Also an outdoors fireplace

Perfect 2 in 1 for enjoying the outdoors

The “oven grade” materials and built-in chimney, ensure
full safety and comfort as an outdoors fireplace for those cooler days.

The barbecue and the grill are two separate pieces.
When you’ve finished the barbecue just remove the metal grill, and start the fireplace